When to Visit

The peak season for treks is October to November and March to May when the skies are clear and good for viewing mountains. Up in the mountains the weather is mild and generally dry during this time making walking conditions ideal. The spring season is good for wild flowers, particularly the rhododendrons, while the autumn season generally gives the best mountain views, as the air at this time is crystal clear.

Winter treks are possible but the chances of snow are higher and passes may be closed, particularly during late winter. Also during this time, many of the teahouses will close. The summer/monsoon period is generally unsuitable for trekking as the trails are slippery, leeches abundant and the mountain views are unpredictable. It can be a rewarding time, however, if you are prepared to tolerate these drawbacks, as the wild flowers are at their best around this time and there are fewer tourists on the trails making interaction with the locals easier.