Hiring Staff

It is possible to hire guides, porters or yaks at Lukla but for safety a guide from Kathmandu is preferable. The extra cost of his airfare will outweigh the possibility of not finding a suitable guide at Lukla, especially during the peak seasons. Porters are always available at Lukla. Pure yaks will not be found at Lukla, as it is too low for them to operate, but yak crossbreeds will be found there. For a small group only carrying personal gear, porters are preferable. The cost will depend on the seasonal demand for their services. If your trek starts at Jiri, then you will only find porters available there. Guides should definitely be hired from Kathmandu.

Hiring local staff directly contributes to the local economy. However, we suggest that you make sure that they are registered with the Government or licensed, before you hire them.