Shopping and Souvenirs

“Shop till you drop” should be your motto as Kathmandu is a shoppers’ paradise. The remarkable choices of handicrafts made in Nepal are immensely popular throughout the world.  The brilliant workmanship and artistic creations are unique. Much of the handicrafts also carry religious significance and in fact many are meant for religious purposes. Nepal ranks high when it comes to making statues and statuettes of copper, bronze, silver or gold. Exquisite wood carvings are in great demand and entire beds made of carved wood are exported to the west fetching mind boggling prices. Extremely popular and exported regularly are the wood carved windows. Recently products made of rice paper have been quite popular and amazingly a large number of funny hats are exported. Other souvenir pieces are the famous Gurkha knife or Khukuri, prayer wheels, stone carvings, singing bowls, papier–maché masks, thangkas and pauvas, pashmina, carpets, jewelry, etc.

Note :
All handicraft items above 100 years are termed ‘antique’ and taking them out of the country is illegal and a serious offense. But the rest of the handicraft items particularly made of stone, metal and wood or paintings or any handicraft resembling historical artifacts need a clearance certificate from the Department of Archaeology in Kathmandu (near the Supreme Court ) before being exported. Please take the purchase receipt for clearance of the same.

Shopping Malls and Departmental Stores

Nepal is a shopping destination for many tourists and regular travelers. Shopping Malls and Departmental stores have mushroomed and today dominate the Kathmandu skyline. Shopping Malls and Departmental Stores are gaining popularity in other cities as well, like in Biratnagar, Bhairahawa, Pokhara and Nepalgunj. Anything from the latest cell phones, ipods and laptops to electronic appliances, cameras, music systems, kitchenware, branded garments, jewelry, perfumes, watches, toys, fitness equipment and a multitude of household items are all available. Popular shopping areas in Kathmandu are around New Road, Putali Sadak, Kumaripati, Bhatbhateni Lazimpat, Sundhara, Tripureshwor and Jawlakhel. The most popular malls are Bhatbhateni, Blue Bird, Khastamandap, Kathamandu, Namaste, Saleways and Gemini. In Pokhara, the major shopping areas are Lakeside and Mahendrapul bazaar areas among others. Look out for seasonal discounts especially clearance sales and festival discounts which can be as much as 50 %.