The Gurung village of Sikles was established by ACAP as a model trekking village and is an integral part of their eco-route. Located to the north-east of Pokhara at about 2000 m elevation, it lies in the shadow of Annapurna II and Lamjung Himal. It is possibly the second largest Gurung village in Nepal, and is known for its well preserved Gurung culture. During your stay here, you will get to spend several days experiencing the Gurung lifestyle, handicraft production and sight-seeing. Of particular interest is the local cloth weaving traditions and the ancient water-driven flourmills. 

Above the village is Rishing Danda, from where a marvelous panoramic view of the peaks of Annapurna II and Lamjung can be had. This place is also famous as a point from where one can observe avalanches thundering down off the mountain sides. Folk songs and dances play an important part in the Gurung culture and such performances are common occurrences in Sikles. One performance that outclasses the rest is the Ghantu dance, traditionally performed by three young Gurung girls.  This dance is of great significance as it portrays their heritage.

Accommodation in Sikles can be arranged in teahouses or, by prior reservation with ACAP Pokhara Office, in village homes. The journey begins with a taxi ride from Pokhara to Kabhre Danda which is followed by a two-day trek to reach Sikles via Chansu. On the return journey, which is a three-day easy trek, follow the eco-route through the Ghalekharka and Diprang to arrive back in Pokhara.