Nepali Cuisine

There are different types of Nepali food depending on the region the kind of food belongs to but most Nepali s have Dal (lentil soup), Bhat (steamed rice) and Tarkari (curried vegetables). It is often accompanied by aachar (pickles). Curried meat is popular, but since meat is expensive people save it for special occasions. Tibetan influences increase as you go north and perenial favorites like momo s (steamed or fried dumplings stuffed with meat), are widely available. As we move towars the south Indian influences are seen in the food. Most Nepalese do not use cutlery to eat but use their right hand.

Daal-Bhat: The taste of Daal and Bhat vary, depending on the cook. It always tastes wonderful with aachar. It is often available in restaurants.

Rotis: They are flat pancake-like breads made of wheat or rice flour. They are available in restaurants and can be eaten accompanied by Daal and curry.

Dhedo: The most average Nepali people have this as a meal. It is made of different kinds of flours, ranging from wheat to millet, which is boiled until thick.

Halaal Food: Halaal food is available in some of the restaurants and localities of Kathmandu catering to Muslims visitors.

The Five star and Four star hotels in Kathmandu provide halaal food on request. Moreover, in small restaurants and eateries in Jyatha, Thamel (Near Tibet Guest House) and in localities near Jame-Masjid and Lazimpat in Kathmandu, Halaal food is being served.

In Pokhara, Halaal food is provided on request by restaurants along the Phewa Lake and in Resorts and Star hotels .