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Nepal Beauty
« on: January 01, 2013, 06:24:28 PM »
A busy street in Kathmandu, cars, motorbikes, and in full. Chaotic tone of the car and the car's horn sound created by thousands last ever concert. Street Commerce obtrusively time and space to attack the city. Huge crowds throng the narrow streets. This is nothing but Nepal, a country rich in scenery permanently snow-capped Himalaya's capital-to-day picture.
Himalaya, considered to be the holy mountain, the gods which they have come down from heaven, not elsewhere, is worshiped as a residence. The richness of Nepal, and also a feeling, that represent the devil. Nepal rest of the world for centuries, unknown, mysterious and started cutting his own rules, its historical borders back strongly to being separated from the raging storm. After separation of autocratic royal family, hard deepened by the access to the Himalayan peaks. Nepal's total area of 14 million hectares and the majority of the region covered by high mountains, only 20% live in the country's land. Fields are created as terraces when the monsoon rains from washing away crops will be blocked. Towns and villages in the valley, people are forced to recognize the steep slopes are plotted along the road, electricity production and use of energy are constantly asking the gods for the prosperity of their hands together in a gesture of blessing.
- Or simply by crossing the border in a town called Bhairava Indian air directly to Kathmandu international airport is only through the mountains from the north, through Tibet, from the south, there are several ways to get in Nepal. The last option is the most expensive, most cases are chosen by travelers from all over the world.
Nepal hubbubs and singing, street stalls welcomes everyone, East Capital is a vibrating atmosphere. Thamel is usually the first port of call for first-time visitors. This is the origin of Kathmandu's tourist district are busy with backpackers and small trading points. This is a newcomers, a cheep hotel, where you can eat good food and music, full of rhythms in a big city, you can easily find plenty of lodging for a hospitable place.
Roofs and terraces, many pubs and cafes on almost every corner of the music is played. Kathmandu is like an open air museum (according to the latest statistics, there are 3 mln inhabitants) is. Walking the narrow streets of the capital you can not stop admiring the original 15 down - beautiful 16th century sculpted wooden building with windows, a brick palaces and temples. You see them with their daily routines bustling around, as if a bright heritage park in the heart of living here. Statue of former regime pillars, stone lions guard entrances sacred space, where safe and sacred image of the deity is standing. Around you all the subtle, feminine face on the whole way from the Hindu god pantheon. Brahma - the creator, Vishnu - parent and Shiva - destroyer together, and create universes and destroy all the nations in order to maintain discipline. The smiling face of the world with full devotion, will not be realized. Generally, there is the color of the Hindu god, in many fiery colors, so that they look like creatures from fairy next. They are sacred beasts of transport suppression, they contain many of the divine attributes. Light kitsch, but so joyous and lovely eyes. Hindu temples are always some chaos inside, as if I have a little of everything - sculpture, music, books, incense, perfume, flowers, garland, gestures of prayer. And of course, with a pureness that is emanating, pure luxury item for more cows. Cows lazily wandering around Pashupatinath, the Hindu blessed river Bagmati, which flows into the river bank is also of course have a lot of temples complex.
The city, where the Buddhist community life, another part of the atmosphere changed dramatically. Buddhist stupa in Kathmandu is the most important sites Boudhnath, where most Tibetans gather and stupa Svayambhu, the whole city with a magnificent hill is located. It's much cleaner and more peaceful, almost meditative. Tirthayatridera services to victims and circle the temple, the Buddha's loving eyes look down on it from above. Preying tires roll. The scrolls are mantras inside. The speed of the tires fitted at the beginning of a prayer. The color of the flag hanging in the temple and in the neighboring cells. Wind takes prayers inscribed on them in the high sky skyscraper to the Himalayas.
In Nepal, however, that you need to follow and then go to the mountains. Although the medieval city attractions: Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur (Nepal's unification of the Kingdom was divided in 1769) enthrall tourists, you will need to free himself from the embrace of their hospitable. You will be overwhelmed by the sheer nature of the city outside. Rapid stream, snow cowered peaks, a small village lost in the valley. The base camp from which climbers start - sometimes trekking route high above the target range and wind up to 5000m. North East Region North West to Mount Everest or Annapurna's foot enthusiast, you can go to Pokhara. Those who love to experience the ultimate place to get any better than the Himalayas - cave exploration, rapid streams, mountain bike trails on the Bhote Koshi River is a 160 m abyss (the world's second highest bungee jumping spot or bungee jumping from the bridge on the raft).
Nepal Beauty is universal, but it is not clear, as is often the story's secret. Landscape and bricked cities charm Despites, it's mostly about the kind of people who are going to appear for. Almond-shaped eyes, black hair, protruding cheek bones, beautiful face is painted by an artist. Strong legs and strong arms are accustomed to hard work and long marches. Their eyes are still snow-capped peaks. Strong characters Himalaya's final by harsh climate, the mountains touch the sky.


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