Author Topic: Free upto 100GB Space, Free Domain name, First time in world !!  (Read 1760 times)

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Re: Free upto 100GB Space, Free Domain name, First time in world !!
« Reply #15 on: August 07, 2009, 11:39:33 AM »
_khAttAm_ , you are good one and professional. I knew this from your post. I am just 19 year old and need to learn much. But i am giving hosting and posting job to members.

Here is what i can tell you. Don't mind if my answer couldn't provide you full information.

I will not delete user's site without any reason. Just like if they host couple of video site then it will surely use more server.But they need to either post 200 quality posts on the forum per month or pay $20 per month.

About 100GB : No one will need 100GB, that is fact. So, there is small plan of 250MB also which requires just 10 posts per month. This is only for international members. But i will change it soon according to your suggestion. Hope you will be guiding me.

Currently forum posting, blog commenting jobs are available. I will give the project and the worker will complete it. Its not in my forum. I cannot pay lol. Its from other company. What happened is i was working as poster since a year. And they liked me. Also i had contacted many and all started giving me work. So, i am unable to do all. That's why i am searching workers.

Hope to see you in the forum and also expect much guideline from you. May i get your MSN ?

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Re: Free upto 100GB Space, Free Domain name, First time in world !!
« Reply #16 on: October 23, 2009, 02:47:09 AM »
internet maa hamro sherpa dai le jati sayad yaha koi le betayeko hola nepal ,maa

hami welovenepal nepal lai maya garchau

josle nepali ko lagi sahayog garcha nepal ra nepali ko lagi kaam garcha hami uni haru lai prostan garne ho
koi le nepali ko lagi garcha vane hami le sarahana garnu parcha

tara dherai le yesari kura garera chodeko udaharan dekheko chau tapai vanda paila hami le 100 vanda badi manche dekheko chau yesto kura garne

yedi sachai ramro garna saknu huncha vane agrim badai cha ra hami le sakne sahayog garchau

hosting ko kura chai 250 mb ra gb le kai farak parne haina sayad 2% nepali site le ni 1 gb space use gareko hola

ani we have our own dedicated server hami aru ko server maa kaam gardainau ra kura vanda kaam maa dhyan dinchau

  Yo dedicated server vaneko kun chara ko naam ho soimand? ani soiamd yo internet vanni kun jantu ko naam ho ha?


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