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Finding an Equity Loan made simple...LoansComple
« on: June 03, 2012, 06:28:45 PM »
The unstoppable rise of Smartphones and other mobile platforms is changing the digital shopping experience. And it's making shoppers smarter!

A few years ago with everyone tied to the their desk top those people who wanted to shop online would spend hours surfing the net, comparing prices and then, in likelihood, make a purchase.
But now it seems we are getting ever more sophisticated. While price is always going to be a key point of comparison for the majority of shoppers, a new trend is emerging where people use the net to study a range of items they want. Having narrowed down the choice they then like to make their choice in bricks and mortar shop where they can get up close and personal with their choices.

Retailers generally are noticing the trend with customers arriving at the shop already knowing exactly what they want to look at.

Award-winning shoe shop owner Maria Leese, who owns the Independent shoe shop Doris and Daisy in Wimborne, Dorset, England, said :”I have been really surprised at how many customers have come in to the shop having looked at the website and decided what they want to try on.”

Maria Leese Doris and Daisy shoes

The research also reveals that mobile devices are allowing men to get in touch with their shopping side and are especially keen on collecting as much product and pricing information as they can before making their choice.

Overall the stats reveal a surprisingly high level of positive sentiment among shoppers with almost 70 per cent saying they found the experience “very good”. But at the same time a substantial number say they want the experience improved., especially with regard to guarantees of security.

Meanwhile US retailers are continuing to power ahead with new ways of improving the digital shopping experience. Macy's is planning to introduce virtual mannequins, digital aisles and in store cloud computing.


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