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door chimes wireless
« Reply #15 on: October 12, 2012, 05:13:31 PM »
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Home Surveillance Video Intercoms Swann SWHOM-DC810B-GL
Swann Wireless Door Chime with Backlit Design
Price: $19.95
EUR 15.44
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In Stock
Product Highlights
Push Button Doorbell Unit
32 Selectable Chimes / Volume Control
Fully Wireless / 330' Transmission Range
Attractive Flashing Backlight
Customizable Doorbell Nameplate
Easy 5-Minute Installation
Cream Gloss Finish

International Pricing Disclaimer
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Ask our Experts!
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Remember the Essentials
Batteries are required but not included with this item. Please be sure to purchase batteries for this item.


Overview Specifications What's in the Box Accessories
The Swann Wireless Door Chime with Backlit Design is a fully wireless unit that allows you to set your doorbell tune from up to 32 chimes. Simply push the doorbell button and hear the melodic chime. The eye-catching backlight flashes when someone rings the doorbell unit. The speaker unit operates on 3 x AAA batteries (not included), and can be placed virtually anywhere within 330' (100 m) of the push button doorbell unit. All the mounting hardware that you'll require to set up this unit is included in the pack.

Fully wireless system comprising the speaker unit and push button doorbell unit
32 volume adjustable door chimes allow you to choose your favorite doorbell music
Customizable nameplate on the doorbell lets you write your name
Easy wireless installation mounts to walls & runs on 3 x AAA battery power with up to 330' (100 m) range
Modern cream gloss finish suits any home or office decor
Eye-catching backlight flashes when someone pushes the doorbell
Required hardware included in the pack offers you an easy installation
Essential Accessories
Power Show more>
Required item:

Duracell -  AAA Procell 1.5V Alkaline Batteries (4 Pack)
Price: $2.49
EUR 1.93


Pearstone -  NM-4H10 4 AAA NiMH Batteries with 4 Hour Charger (1000mAh,110-240V)
Price: $16.95
EUR 13.11


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security testing services
« Reply #16 on: October 13, 2012, 04:10:27 PM »

Our Key Products
NCC Group have the single largest Penetration Testing team of its type in the world.
We offer a comprehensive set of information assurance, security and compliance services to thousands of customers worldwide. We have experts in all security and compliance issues who can advise you on the best action for your business as well as offering you peace of mind.

    Technical Security Assessment & Penetration Testing

    Be assured your business systems and information are secure.

    "78% of large organisations expect all suppliers to have formal security procedures and policies in place"

    Security Testing, Audit & Compliance Expert
    Technical Details
    Audit, Compliance & Governance

    It can take longer than a year to restore trust in your brand after a security breach.

    "97% of large organisations are more likely to choose a supplier who can prove they are secure than one that can’t"

    Security Testing, Audit & Compliance Expert
    Technical Details
    Information Security Software

    Keep up to date with the security of your databases

    "65% of companies expect their software suppliers to have formal security procedures in place"

    Security Testing, Audit & Compliance Expert
    Technical Details
    Forensic Services & Incident Response

    Do you have an incident response plan incase of a breach?

    "95% of organisations believe that added security features are a significant factor in choosing a provider"

    Security Testing, Audit & Compliance Expert
    Technical Details
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Re: appointment reminders
« Reply #17 on: October 14, 2012, 10:03:25 AM »
Appointment Reminder sends out customizable phone reminders, text message reminders (also called SMS reminders), and email reminders to your clients, so that they come in on time and you get paid.

if you are busy and your time is very valuable and you are in a very strict schedule then appointment reminder is the very best solution for you.

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app marketing
« Reply #18 on: October 14, 2012, 02:10:23 PM »
BAM is the fast Android Market focused on FREE Apps! Top Apps, Top Games & more!

Celebrating 5 Million Downloads! The Best Market App.
Focused on FREE Top Apps & Top Games, hand picked by experts. Experts categorize apps & tag with traits, so you get a better Search, easy filtering & great recommendations. It’s like Pandora for apps plus all the tools you need to manage your apps. Optimized for speed: Fast to open, fast to browse & fast to search, no clutter!

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make games
« Reply #19 on: October 15, 2012, 12:00:10 PM »
Make Games
Have you ever wanted to make games?

If you ever wanted to learn how to make games you have come to the right place, there are literally hundreds of web sites all over the internet offering you useful information about ways to make games online. This web site will point out the best web sites for you to go on to make a game.
What tools are there?

There are a variety of different tools to use, some cater for specific targets, here is a list of a few.

    GameMaker - Make games for PC
    Cocos2D - Make games for iPhone/iPod/iPad

What devices can I make games for

You can make games for nearly all systems; these include: PC,Mac,Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft xbox 360, xbox, PSP,PSP GO, NGP,DS,GBA,3DS,GP32,SNES,MOBILE PHONES,iPad,iPod,iPhone, Android etc. Not all game making tools support all formats.
Do I need to learn a computer programming language to write games?

The short answer is no, game making tools like the ones listed above allow you to make games without having to write a single line of code. However if you wish to make more technically complicated games, you would have to learn a little bit more, knowledge of python, c++, java, assembler, actionscript are all handy.
A career in making games?

If you really want to make a career out of making games, then maybe you should consider going to university to get a degree in either maths or physics, or just plain old computer software.
What type of jobs are there?

There are lots of type of jobs for an aspiring game developer, you could be a games tester, game programmer, sound programmer, network programmer, GUI designer, 3D modeler, Visual Effects Artist, Producer, dogs body...
What are some good web sites to find out more?

Here is a list of a few web site resources.

    GameDev - The ultimate game maker resource.
    GamaSutra - Art and Business of Video Games
    Make Games Online wikis
    Psd2Html - Make your PSD files into WebPages
    PlayCanvas - HTML5 Game Engine
    iTheme - Let users change the design of your App in Realtime

Suggested books for iPhone Development:
Make Games

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mma fight shorts
« Reply #20 on: October 16, 2012, 12:32:48 PM »
Maintaining the new sleek and stylish image that the entire CS1 caged steel range has, these fight shorts are both aesthetically pleasing as well as very functional also.

Caged Steel produced some of the most popular fight shorts around, no need for fancy and elaborate designs, just great quality coupled with superb practicality.

The usual MMA fight short design features are present such as a long side split on the side of the shorts, internal stretch panel and an elasticated and adjustable waistband. All of which synergistically work to create a comfortable fit with great performance properties also causing no restriction in movement.

Manufactured in Thailand the quality of the materials used in the construction of these shorts will be the highest quality possible.
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design a website
« Reply #21 on: October 16, 2012, 12:51:43 PM »
This page explains how to design a website. More specifically, it explains the various options that are available to you when designing a website. Designing your own website is the first step to creating your website. By following the steps below, you will be able to design and create your own website easily.

To design a website, you usually need to have a bit of a "design knack". In other words, you should be a reasonably good designer. You should know what looks good and what doesn't. Many "non-designers" have attempted to design their own website, only for it to look "ugly" to most of its viewers. Often the "non-designer" was completely oblivious to this!

But... even "non-designers" can create a professional looking website if they know a few basic tricks.

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Sell Laptop Online
« Reply #22 on: October 16, 2012, 12:55:53 PM »
Didn't you even wonder what use could old, obsolete laptops have? You can't even donate, nobody would need them. Or maybe they are broken. If you are thinking to throw them away, think again! You can sell laptop to companies in the refurbishment industry, for good money. You nearly thrown away money didn't you? If you plan to sell laptop, be careful who you do business with. Many online companies are just scams and you will never see a dime. You just need to find a good, trusty company to sell your laptop to.

I will give you an advice. I sell old, used laptops to one specific company with great results. Their quote was high, and their business background solid. No scam! I sell laptops to Cash for Laptops. You are probably asking yourself, ?Should I trust them??. Well, yes. This company is in the refurbishment business since 2001 (you can find them at There you will find a team of professionals when it comes to selling your laptops. At first, I wondered if their high quotes were real. I expected to receive less money due to some hidden fees, but everything was exactly as they said it would be. I received the full quote. Since my first deal with them, I sell laptops only to Cash for Laptops. And, trust me, I have no complaint.

I am not the only one selling laptops to them. There are lots of people that work with them and are very satisfied! I could find only positive feedback. No negative reviews, just some distrust (and it is perfectly normal). Just check out some of their customer's feedback:

?I sold 2 of my broken laptops to They offer higher quotes and they never dropped my price. shipping was extreamly fast and they sent the check extreamly fast. I recommend cashforlaptops to anyone willing to give a broken or running laptop.? ? I don't have a name for this feedback; it was taken from a forum on this topic.

Customer service and security seem to be the top two concerns of Cash for Laptops. When selling laptops, you don't want to be neglected or victim of online fraud. Communication is very good, service is perfect, and customer security is very high. Cash For Laptops is a registered member of the ?Verisign Secured Seal Program? ? an industry leader in SSL Encryption. They maintain the utmost security and adhere to the most stringent and honest business practices. When you sell laptops to Cash for Laptops, you feel completely safe.

The process is very simple. When you want to sell laptops, just answer a few questions (type, age, damage, missing parts, technical details) and get a quote. Cash for Laptops tends to give very high quotes, unlike many of its competitors. Don't worry, these are not lies. There are no hidden fees and they even pay the shipping taxes! The number on the quote (a three digit number) is the number you find on your check. I have sold quite a few laptops to them and I must say they are the best! And you can even sell old broken laptops, they will buy them.
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tablet pc forum
« Reply #23 on: October 16, 2012, 01:12:29 PM »
t PC

Fourth Generation, 7” Ultra-Mobile Tablet PC offers enterprise-class computing with dual digitizer and multi-touch input, enhanced data security and desktop compatibility running Windows® Professional or Linux Operating Systems— TabletKiosk®, a Torrance, CA based provider of mobile touch screen computing solutions, today announced the newest member of its eo™ Ultra-Mobile Tablet PC line, the eo™ a7400 ─  a compact 7” handheld Business Tablet PC designed to run powerful enterprise software programs as well as cloud-based computing apps. The eo™ a7400  offers improved value, versatility and productivity with its small form factor, dual pen and touch input, modular expansion system and the ability to run desktop PC Operating Systems and software applications.
Powered by an Intel® Atom™ N2600 processor, the eo™ a7400 comes with a 64GB mSATA Solid State Drive (SSD), and features a 7.1” WSVGA, LED backlit LCD with dual mode capacitive multi-touch screen and active digitizer. The screen is auto-sensing and auto-switching and features Wacom pen enabled technology for enhanced signature capture and handwriting recognition.

To ensure safe and secure data capture and transmission, the eo™ a7400 features PC standard connectivity via USB 2.0, 802.11bgn WiFi networking, optional 3.5G WWAN as well as enhanced hardware encryption via TPM (TCG v1.2). Additionally, eo™ a7400 offers an integrated 10/100 Ethernet port for direct access to corporate networks for maximum integrity and connectivity.

To keep workers productive all day, the eo™ a7400 features two Lithium-Ion battery packs for up to six hours of continuous, on-the-go computing. One of the batteries is internal while the second is user accessible and hot swappable. This means that armed with an extra battery, workers can go a full shift without needing to stop and recharge.

“As a specialty Tablet PC hardware manufacturer, TabletKiosk is in a unique position to help our gaming customers determine the most effective mobile computing solutions for their needs,” said Martin Smekal, President and CEO of TabletKiosk. “Since 2004, TabletKiosk has been supplying mobile computing solutions to the casino marketplace, and based on customer feedback, we believe that the eo a7400 will fill a unique niche as a new solution for table management, mobile POS, remote check-in and player tracking.”

Component Interchangeability and New Options for Data Collection
The eo™ a7400 is designed to utilize many of the same accessories and components originally designed for the company’s signature Sahara Slate PC® i500 Tablet PC to better maximize ROI for mixed system installations. Shared components include hot-swappable batteries, external battery charger, Business Smart™ Feature Expansion Modules (including Magnetic Stripe Reader, Barcode Scanner and multi-use MSR+Barcode scanner modules) power cords and digitizer styli (pen).

Additional Features Include:
· On-board 2.0GB RAM
· Intel® HD Graphics 3650
· Intel® HD Audio with 32-bit/192KHz support
· 1x Full Size USB 2.0 port
· 1x MiniUSB 2.0 port
· 1x Built-in SD/SDHC/MMC/xMMC media card reader
· Built-in front (2MP) and rear (5MP) facing cameras
· G-Sensor for auto screen rotation
· Two (2) user-programmable function buttons
· Built-in VESA compatible mounting capability

Pricing and Availability

eo™ a7400 will begin shipping by the end of October 2012. For additional details, pricing, and to pre-order, please visit

About TabletKiosk®

TabletKiosk is a registered trademark and wholly owned subsidiary of Sand Dune Ventures, Inc. a privately held technology incubator. The company’s line of quality enterprise-grade to rugged Tablet PCs and mobile accessories are designed to optimize productivity in key vertical markets while offering power, flexibility and security. All TabletKiosk products are marketed and sold through an authorized reseller channel and directly through the company website. For more information, visit

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spy cameras
« Reply #24 on: October 17, 2012, 05:30:57 PM »
ameras in Common Items - Instead of having stand-alone spy cameras hidden in places, it is possible to have spy cameras already built-in to common every day items. Spy cameras can be hidden in items such as clocks, smoke detectors, air purifiers, pagers, wrist watches and ...

Cities with the Most Hidden Cameras - Though most people who cause malice believe that they are not being watched, the reality may be quite different. Ever since the invention of hidden cameras, the government; store owners, and the general public have sought to know what is really happening in their property. In Great Britain alone,...

Digitally Recorded Spy Camera Technology - With the benefits of digitally recording video, digital surveillance systems are surging. Storing video on CD's or DVD's has many advantages compared to the alternative, videotapes. For analog recordings (tapes), a separate video recorder is required for each camera in operation which takes...

History of Spy Cameras - Spy cameras have been used for years. Their first appearance in public was in the year 1983 when Kodak finally published a model capable of recording images to be secretly transmitted to a receiver. Even though it is believed that the government might have used technology resembling spy cameras b...

How do Spy Cameras Work? - Spy cameras are just like regular cameras with the exception that size does matter. Obviously, a 'big' spy camera is unheard of, and smaller cameras are much more expensive and hard to find. Modern spy cameras can wirelessly send data to the receiver. This wasn't the case just ten years a...

Reasons to use a Spy Camera - This may be a question that crosses your mind. Whether you run your own business, work in a store, or are a stay at home parent, spy cameras can prove to be a valuable commodity. Putting spy cameras in your own home isn't uncommon in today's age. Unfortunately, you can't trust ev...

Wrist Watch Spy Cameras - Just when I thought that spy cameras couldn't get smaller (look at them, they are the size of a mouse!) - I read about the new spy-camera wrist watch technology. These new watches can easily record sound and video. They are regular-sized wrist watches which would make 007 jealous! Their d...

By admin Founder

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