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Madonna had all sorts of things to say on radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday (October 1).

Here’s what the 51-year-old Material Mom had to say while being flirted with by Seacrest:

On 34-year-old Ryan Seacrest being a suitor for her: “Honey, you’re kind of old for me (laughs).”

On how young she likes her guys: “You have to be old enough to dress yourself… Younger people are generally more adventurous - they’re more open, more fun - have you met many guys my age? Guys my age are married or divorced or grumpy, fat and balding.”

On her self-image: “My body is part of my job. If I’m not in good shape, then how can I dance around on stage with my butt hanging out, right? I look in the mirror and go ‘hmm-mm. Less cake, more work.’”

On Kanye West: “Yeah, he’s a bit impulsive. I would’ve given him a good talking to. He needs to put a lid on it. I do think he’s very talented but he gets confused sometimes.”

On having famous guests at her concerts: “I was getting super-sharp looks from [Jennifer Lopez]. Her ponytail distracted me. Whenever artists come to see my show, they’re studying me.”

On how her music will be impacted by her new life: “It just means it’s gonna get better ’cause I’m happier.”

On getting married again: “I think I’d rather get run over by a train.” (She actually said this on Letterman last night.)

Listen to the interview here or on YouTube (thanks to indie_star):

Madonna - Ryan Seacrest Interview (Part 1)

Madonna - Ryan Seacrest Interview (Part 2)
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Re: Madonna On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Tells Kanye To Put A Lid On It
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