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Celebrity Prom Pictures
« on: May 27, 2010, 06:47:52 AM »
New photos of famous people are not as cool as these old celebrity  prom pictures. Inside this post you will find some well-known stars at  their Prom night. What can I add? Brad Pitt, Britney Spears and others  looked awesome back then!

[size=130%]Brad  Pitt[/size]

[size=130%]Britney  Spears[/size]

[size=130%]Demi Lovato[/size]

[size=130%]Sandra  Bullock[/size]

[size=130%]Meg Ryan[/size]

[size=130%]Heather  Locklear[/size]

[size=130%]Claire Danes[/size]


[size=130%]Kellie  Pickler[/size]

[size=130%]Robin Wright  Penn[/size]

[size=130%]Michelle  Obama[/size]

[size=130%]Courtney Cox[/size]

[size=130%]Halle Berry[/size]

[size=130%]Verne Troyer[/size]

[size=130%]Natalie  Portman[/size]

[size=130%]Will Ferrell[/size]

[size=130%]Sarah Palin[/size]

[size=130%]Jennifer  Aniston[/size]

[size=130%]Ashley Judd[/size]

[size=130%]Lady Gaga[/size]

[size=130%]Christina  Aguilera[/size]

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