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21 Celebrities that Got Fat
« on: June 16, 2010, 01:47:13 PM »
Here are 21 celebrities who got beat down by the ugly stick.  Celebrities whom either ate themselves into an over weight jabba the hut  or sadly did not age well. Fortunately for you fine folks, here is the comparative photos to  exploit them for getting ugly!

Mariah Carey

Kristie  Alley

Alec  Baldwin

Britney  Spears

Kelly  LeBrock

Danielle  Fishel

Rosie  O'Donell

Janet  Jackson

Tyra  Banks

Mike  Tyson

Kevin  Smith

Kevin  Federline

Kelly  Clarkson

Steven  Segal

John  Travolta

Jessica  Simpson

Hilary  Duff

Elisha  Cuthbert

Daniel  Baldwin

Courtney  Love

Val  Kilmer

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