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Shakti (Bollywood Movie DVD Rip)
« on: February 01, 2007, 05:58:26 PM »

Nandini lives in a picturesque Suburb of Los Angeles, with her bachelor uncles, who have dedicated their lives to bring her up in a sheltered, loving and pampered environment, She is beautiful , loving and intelligent young lady, though a trifle spoilt. Her uncles have established a moderately successful department store, which keeps them economically completely secure. Nandini meets and falls in love with Shekhar - a self made man, without a family - Who's been in the US for six years. Nandini and Shekhar marry and soon have a Kid. Everything is perfect and happy for three years after their marriage, when one day Shekhar comes upon a new item on TV about carnage in a village in Northern India. He gets very agitated and reveals to Nandini that his mother may have been hurt and wants to visit her for a few days. Nandini is very surprised that he has a family, but insists on accompanying him to his village. There she discovers that his family, headed by his charismatic, powerful and extremely violent father. Narsimha has been at war with another family for several generations. She is shocked and completely unnerved by this violent way of life here. Since Shekhar's mother is fine she keeps insisting that they should go back to their home in the US. However, things take a nasty turn when a member of the enemy family is captured, and then publicity beheaded in the courtyard of Shekhar's father Narsimha's house. She is shocked beyond words. More that that, she is now very apprehensive of the influences that may occur on her three-year old son to whom her father-in-law is very attached. Out of this concern, she gets into a couple of very intense confrontations with her father-in-law is very attached. Out of this concern, she gets into a couple of very intense confrontations with her father-in-law leading to a very intense situation within the family. Unfortunately, her father-in-law is tricked by his politician associate into sending Shekhar to meet the collector, and brutally murdered by the enemy family. Nandini is heart-broken and wants to leave for the US immediately. But, her father-in-law now insists on keeping her son with him. She fights this decision, but to no avail, as he is strong and extremely stubborn. So, she tries to escapes on her own. After two failures, she is locked up in an outhouse. Fortunately, the women of the family are compassionate and help her to escape with her son. Her father-in-law sends his men to track her down and bring the grandson back.

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