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Taxi N0 9 2 11 (Bollywood Movie DVD Rip)
« on: February 07, 2007, 03:23:49 AM »
Taxi N0 9 2 11

Opposites attract when sexy, suave, John Abraham and rough, rugged, Nana Patekar team up. Taxi 9 2 11 pits the heartthrob of today in front of the seasoned actor of all time. Get a glimpse of who takes the lead in this Mumbai-ite entertainer.

With the success and praises still ringing in about Bluffmaster, Rohan Sippy produces, Taxi 9 2 11. But this time, for better or worse, Milan Luthria is in charge of the director?s seat.

Munnabhai, a.k.a. Sanjay Dutt narrates the beginning of the film in ishstyle. With a smooth start this cabbie provides minimal discomfort. But that?s not to say the ride ahead isn?t bumpy.

Taxi 9 2 11 is a simple story about a cab driver, his passenger, how they get knotted into a relationship, where that leads them?and of course the larger lesson in life. The first half rolls thru with ease providing comedic relief. John?s dialogues in the cab are hilarious, while Nana throughout cracks you up with his delivery style. The second half disturbs this easy breezy pace. Not only does the movie come to a halt with its development, but Nana and John?s characters start behaving like Tom and Jerry. Irrational behavior, inconceivable, larger than life reactions deviate from an otherwise enjoyable film. Whereas Sippy was attentive to the screenplay, Luthria is far too inconsistent.

As for who takes the lead, it is undisputedly Nana Patekar. The man makes the film what it is. John Abraham surely attracts audiences on the surface, but it is Nana that makes them remain seated. However, Abraham deserves more credit than just that. He too delivers a competent performance battling against his poorly etched character. Leading ladies Sameera Reddy and Sonali Kulkarni get just enough scope to show their stuff. Sameera does well, but Sonali has more impact. Additional cast members, Shivaji Satyam and Smita Jayakar are apt, Kurush Deboo is exceptional much like in Munnabhai M.B.B.S.

Vishal and Shekar try to provide the oomph from Bluffmaster in their music once again this time around. The music of Taxi 9 2 11 is upbeat with some distinct tracks, like ?meter down? by Adnan Sami featuring Nana and John in a special music video. Disco daddy Bhappi Lahiri?s composition Boombai Nagariya is a street favorite; an overall decent soundtrack. The film is aesthetically presented well, capturing the essence of Mumbai.

Taxi 9 2 11 is likely to leave the viewer confused. For the most part you won?t walk out regretting the experience, but you will wonder what you did watch. Was it a good movie? It was ok. Was it bad? No it wasn?t bad. So then what was it?! It was OK, not bad, a time-pass entertainer, shaped after Changing Lanes, with good acting by Nana Patekar, a solid effort by handsome John Abraham, and enjoyable tunes. To sum it up this critic's meter rates Taxi 9 2 11 with 2 ? stars.


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Re: Taxi N0 9 2 11 (Bollywood Movie DVD Rip)
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Re: Taxi N0 9 2 11 (Bollywood Movie DVD Rip)
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yoo ta ma ek din jasari pani dwn garera herchhu herchhu ahile ali tym chaina ra ho natra ta ahile nai jhappy ho heheheh ee
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Re: Taxi N0 9 2 11 (Bollywood Movie DVD Rip)
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2008, 06:06:41 PM »
hehe khatra
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