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How to Make a .Reg File
« on: September 16, 2007, 08:02:06 AM »
f your fix requires some information to be merged into your registry then you may be asked to make and execute a special type of file. Your helper will guide you through this process and tell you what to put into your file. This information will be specific to your computer and your circumstances, if you are browsing the internet looking for a solution to a problem that you have, it is not recommended that you copy a reg fix that has been supplied for another person.

As always, before you make any changes to the registry it is strongly recommended that you take the time to back up your registry first.

1. Your helper will ask you to copy some text into notepad that is either bolded, or a different colour or in a 'quote box' see example below

2. To do this, put your mouse cursor at the beginning of the text and then hold down the left button and drag your mouse so that all of the text is highlighted. You now need to copy the text to your clipboard, to do this you can either press Ctlr+C or right click on the highlighted section and choose 'copy'. See below.

3. The next step is to open notepad and copy the text that you have saved into it. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories and click on Notepad. A blank notepad window will open up. Go to Edit > Paste or alternately you can click in the blank window so that your cursor is flashing there and press CTRL+V. This action will copy the text that you selected from the web page into notepad. See below.

NB: Please make sure there is always a blank line at the end of the text, otherwise the registry merge won't work

4. Now you need to save this file so that it will work as a registry merge. Go to File > and click Save As, see below.

5. In the next screenshot you can see that I have given the file the name that the helper told me to, in this example it is fix.reg and I chose All Files as the file type.

6. Before you save the file you must specify a place to save it to. Sometimes your helper will ask you to save the file to a specific place, you can navigate to where you want to save your file by using the drop down list that is at the top of the Save As window. If your helper doesn't ask you to save your file anywhere specific then a good place to save it to, where you will be able to find it easily, is your desktop. Once you have clicked the save button then close Notepad. You should see a file on your desktop that looks like this.

7. When your helper asks you to run the file, double click it and an information box will pop up asking if you want to merge the information in the file into the registry, click yes.

8. That's it, you have made and executed the registry file as your helper has asked you to. You can now delete the registry file from your desktop as you won't be needing it any more.

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Re: How to Make a .Reg File
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2008, 12:44:12 PM »
Nice info bro

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Re: How to Make a .Reg File
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Nice tut  :Winking:


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