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Trek on Hill of Kathmandu
« on: December 19, 2006, 09:03:12 AM »
The drive from Kathmandu to Nagarkot passes through Bhaktapur (1 hours) from Bhaktapur the drive slowly becomes upward,zig zagging the road to Nagarkot which is 24 Kilometers away from Kathmandu, seeing typical Nepali houses and cultivated land on the way. Nagarkot is inhabited by mixed races of Nepali people like Tamang, Bhramans , Chettri and Newars . The occupations of the people are mostly farming while few people run small lodges and restaurant. Nagarkot has a primary school an army barracks of about 200 solders and a post office it also has a Tower at 2142 m. height, which was built at 1971 near a forest area. Near the tower there is a small helipad and a small temple with a small pond called Mahadev Pokhari which literally means Shiva's pond From Nagarkot you can see a beautiful sun rise and clear view of the Himalayas like Ganesh Himal (26736ft.) Langtang (26158ft.) Sisa pangma (22927ft.) Gur Karpari (24815ft) Dorje Lakpa (24512ft.) Gyaltzen Peak (24205ft.) Phurbi Chyachu (24266ft) Cho o yn (29432ft.) Gauri Sanker (25793ft.) and the mt. Everest (31941)


From Nagarkot a gentle walk down through pine forest, seeing cultivated fields, which are of maize barley, wheat and potatoes and also seeing chain of mountains. A short climb up a hill and come to Bojini for Lunch in two and half hours. Then after lunch a gentle walk up and down a hill passing through pine forest and orchid forest we come to a village called Jarsing powa (1 hrs.) Jarsing powa has a high school and an action Aid office. From Jarsing powa a walk up and down a hill passing through village like Kawle and Chowki Bhanjang which are inhabited by people like Tamang, Chetteri and Bhramans. The village are mostly cultivated one can see Bamboo trees here and there and also a water fall far away and climbing a hill for about 15 minutes we come to Bhotechaur in two and half hours from Bojini Bhotechaur is inhabited by Bharmans and Tamangs. the villager are mostly farmers who do cultivation and raise cattle. It has a high school; post office and a police check post

BHOTECHAUR - CHISOPANI 7200 ft. ( 2184 m.)
A climb up for about 20 minutes and then walking on the side of a hill passing through small shrub forest, the forest becomes thicker after sometime where there are Deer, Bear, Jackals, and Leopards. Then walking near the road, which is under construction and a bit of tricky, you come for lunch in Hilledhap. After lunch a slow through bushy land, passing through a military barrack, and again passing through forest come to camp in Chisopani, the camp will be situated on top of a hill where it is quite windy and barren, from the top of hill one can see Nuwakot and Helambu area. Chhetri and Bhramans inhabit Chisopani village.

CHISOPANI - SHIVPURI 9000 ft.( 2744 )
A climb up from Chisopani for about one and half hours, you come to a small village called Buriang Bhanjang, which has teashops. It?s inhabited by Tamangs. From this village the roads split up for two places, one is going to Sundarijal and other to Shivpuri. The walk from Buriang Bhanjang is through forest passing a graveyard where people have made small chortens with prayer flag in memory of the dead.
From here one can see Ganesh Himal and Langtang. Walk through mixed forest with a great view of paten and some parts of Nagerkot on the way and come to village Chitre for lunch. Chitre' inhabitants are Tamang who mostly live on farming cultivating fields and raise cattle. Climb up passing through Shiva puri Pokhari and a small chorten with few Buddha statues. The climb is mostly through bamboo forest and listening to bird?s whistles all along the way you come to Shivapuri to camp. Near the camp there are two stone structures with prayer flags. From Shivapuri, you can see some parts of Kathmandu and mountains like Ganesg Himal and Langtang

A walk down which is knee cracking through thick forest passing an army barrack, some times seeing some parts of kathmandu some times seeing the whole valley itself, you come to Budhanilkantha, it has a visnu's temple. The black stone statue of Visnu is lying upon a bad made from the coils of a huge snakes and is on the middle of a pond. From Budhanilkantha the drive to Kathmandu is about half hours.

Special request to visitors
Make sure the hotel you staying and your trekking staff uses kerosene, gas or electric. Supervise them to make sure they cover toilet pits and dispose of garbage properly. Do not damage, disturb or remove any plants, animals or religious artifacts. Respect Nepali customs. Ask permission to take photos and respect peoples right to privacy.DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING TO BEGGARS.And please ENCOURAGE YOUNG NEPALIS TO BE PROUD OF THEIR CULTURE

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Re: Trek on Hill of Kathmandu
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2006, 11:57:23 AM »
maa ni jana parla kali nepal ayeko  bela sangai

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Re: Trek on Hill of Kathmandu
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mero ta  khutta  dukhcha  trekking najne ma ta
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Re: Trek on Hill of Kathmandu
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daami info....
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Re: Trek on Hill of Kathmandu
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ho pani aaunchu hai soi bro!


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