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Jumla - Rara Jumla Trek
« on: December 19, 2006, 09:09:23 AM »
Jumla is a trans Himalayan valley covered with pine. Jumla has airstrip, radio communication and a small hospital. Jumla town 2340 m. is in a beautiful valley and the upper limit of paddy field.
Rara and Jumla area lie in remote of western part of Nepal. This area is covered with temperate and alpine pastures. Summer rainfall is less but in winter snows can be heavy. Since the region is fairly high, and free from monsoon thunder storms, summer session is ideal for Trekkers

1st day JUMLA TO PADMARA ( 6 hours )
 It is great fun to trek east, from Jumla. A town toward Dansangu 2347 meters at the confluence of Tila Nadi with Chaidbise khola and nice pine forest. Two hours further is Urtha 2520 m. at the confluence of Chaudbise khola and Gharsoni khola. The bridge leads east to Chaudbise area and Kaigaon. The track now ascends steeply through the narrow gorge of the Ghurseni khola, and then it comes Padmara. Padmara 3017 m. is a Chetri village with smiling faces..

2nd day PADMARA TO BUMRA ( 6 hours )
Track beyond Padmara continues rising along the side of Ghurseni stream. The first pass on the way is Khali Langna 3545 m. The snow ranges of Patrasi and Jagdula in the east and Chykhure lekh is in the south are visible from here. Route again continue for hour through dense forest, to reach over Sinja khola . Now turn west and climb to Bumra 2830 m. about 2km. further.

3rd day BUMRA TO PINA ( 7-1/2 hours )
A climb up for about 20 minutes and then walking on the side of a hill passing through small shrub forest, the forest becomes thicker after sometime where there are Deer, Bear, Jackals, and Leopards. Then walking near the road, which is under construction and a bit of tricky, you come for lunch in Hilledhap. After lunch a slow through bushy land, passing through a military barrack, and again passing through forest come to camp in Chisopani, the camp will be situated on top of a hill where it is quite windy and barren, from the top of hill one can see Nuwakot and Helambu area. Chhetri and Bhramans inhabit Chisopani village.

4th day PINA TO RARA (5 hours )
Rara is 8km. west of Pina. It is a short pleasant trek with magnificent view to the north. From Pina trail turns towards north facing steep slops, after crossing a stretch of field there is a small climb to the stream. From here climb up to hamlet of Jhari 2500 m. Jhari is a pleasant descent to the meadows on the south of the lake. The village site if Rara 3040 m. on the north side is pleasant. Two hours walk along the western bank of the lake. It takes about eight hours to walk around the lake, you can enjoy with wild life including a caustic birds and rich forests around this large lake at the height of 2980 m. One may stay one or two days in the Rara area.


1st day RARA TO GHORASIN ( 6 hours )
Walk down for an hour, there is along oven the stream Muama, cross the bridge to the south and climb steadily over 400 m. to reach open clearing. The trail continues climbing south through dense forest. Until the tree line is reached at 3658 m. The ridge continues to rise south for another 200 m. but it is a pleasant trail with distant view of mountain including the lake in the near horizon below. Then there is a fairly steep descent to Ghorasain 3271 m. on the bank gatta gad. It is a ideal place for camping

2nd day GHORASAIN TO SINJA (4 hours )
There is a trail down the valley to Botan 2895 m. A more interesting trail with better scenic prospect is to climb Diyabala danda due south of Ghorasain. The climb begins immediately west of Ghorasin, it take about in hour through rich forest to the top of the crest at 5351 m. then trail turns south east above the high field of Lumsa 2916 m. you will find the beautiful view of Sinja valley. The same trail descends to Okhar pati village 3100 m. The descent from Okhar pati village to Sinja takes less then two hours. Sinja is a Thakuri and Chetri village. You will find an old temple of Kanaksundari right near the Sinja River on a hillock 2570 m. Sinja is the Birthplace of Nepali language and it was the old capital of Mallas.

3rd day SINJA TO CHERE CHAUR ( 7 hours )
Trail leads from south bank of Jalzale God beyond Kot garon near Lamathada, the same stream and the trail continues 5km. east. Then ascend a ridge 2865 m. The trail clings to the south side of the stream again for 9km. more. Path twist and turn along with the stream but it is a pleasant trail amidst rich frets wilderness. Finally the trail climb east along a gully to ascent pass at 3597 m. Descend east along a wide meadow into headwaters of Jugged that drains to Jumla town. Descend east along the stream and traverse another kilometer to Chere chaur 2987 m.

4th day CHERE CHAUR TO JUMLA (3 hours)
Path of Chare chaur to Jumla is full of flowers during late summer. Beautiful view of Jumla town you will get on this way. This trail is smoothing easy, and pleasant. There is a magnificent view of Tila valley and Chyakhure Lake in this trail. After 3 hours walk you will be back to Jumla

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Re: Jumla - Rara Jumla Trek
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maa ekdin kali lai leyera sure janchu

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Re: Jumla - Rara Jumla Trek
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nepal  ma yasto yasto thau  haru ni cha hai  wawa
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Re: Jumla - Rara Jumla Trek
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Malai ta jumla trekking jana mann lagyo baee!


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