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Love today does it exist?
« on: June 20, 2008, 04:20:46 AM »
You know when your younger, you sit and fantasise about love and that soul mate, the perfect connection that life long partner...well you never sit there as a child and think about the problems, the difficulties and the complications that will arise when you eventually find that person. You can sit and watch a thousand love stories and fantasise about having what you see on your tv, the romance, the spark, the passion and the happy ending! But you grow up you live and learn then you have to question does that exist? Is there such thing as love anymore in this new generation of game playing? Have we spoilt a beautiful world where 2 people would fall in love, send romantic love letters longing for each other any time they were apart, dedicate there souls to one another! are we now living in a superficial world where nothing is ever enough, where there is always something more that we want, do we question ourselves and chances of love too much? I know over the years of my life my views of love from being a child to a young man have changed drastically. My faith and hope are slowly fading away. I feel in this new society that we live in, the person who loves most finishes last, due to the games we are so used to. People arent just comfortable with being loved anymore, people would rather be kept guessing, kept wondering, sat at home questioning what they have...Does he/she want me? Does he/she love me? Are they going to be faithful? How can people live like this opposed to knowing someone loves them, someone longs to be near them, someone wants to give there all to them? The world is going all the relationships i have had the only relationships that have lasted have been the nasty bitter spiteful ones where you are constantly playing games....who can hurt who more, who can make the other become more obsessed? and in one case depressed! They last longer i feel due to the competiveness of humans in this new age. No one is happy with themselves, constantly wanting change of appearence, lifestyle...constantly bragging to friends about what they have got and what they are going to have. Life is no longer an experience, its a constant battle of success. The relationships where i have tried to make the girl feel loved and wanted, made them feel that i would have ran to the edge of earth and back have been short lived. Its like once one proves that they are worthwhile, the significant other feels that they have nothing left to what i want he would be there, be romantic give me a world of love, But hey where is the excitement in that? No hurt, no pain, no worrying about affairs...and to some extremes there have been girls who actually enjoy the physichal violence the extreme arguments. Its wrong now to be a caring person who longs for romance, who wants to give there all to ONE special person, who wants to take care of there love. The expression nice guys finish last has now become one that i hold in my head and heart. It almost makes you want to go out find a special girl and absolutely abuse her trust, be spiteful and nasty, it just seems that this is the only way forward? I hear from people all the time, its not always like that, there are girls out there that are different. But to my knowledge it isnt true for everyone.......................................anyone got any different views?
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Re: Love today does it exist?
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2008, 05:11:21 AM »
i think about this often, and lately i have come to this conclusion:
love itself does not exist.
there DOES exist:
1- compatibility, (sometimes is the only reason why people stay together)
2- passion (sincere enthusiasm towards a relationship)
3- spontaneity (which helps to keep the passion/interest alive)
4- attraction (component of both mental and physical "drawn-ness")

     now, if you define love as a combination of these four things, then sure- love exists!
i do not believe that G-d has to exist for the definition (or idea) of love to make sense. i do believe that most the time, there is this unconditional love between mother and child, but in romantic-terms, it's obviously different. and of course there's friendship love, but that is only a medium level. how far would you really/honestly be willing to go for this person as opposed to someone that you are truly IN love with? it's just not as strong.

         anyway, it is a hard concept to grasp because the Bible does say that "Love never ends" but if you truly did care for/love someone at one point in life, but that chapter is over, are you supposed to believe that you never actually did love them?
the whole thing could have a book written about it. and i just recommended it to you.  hahaha

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Re: Love today does it exist?
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2008, 12:32:22 PM »
ma ta kehi bhanna sakdina hai
What i know is LOVE IS IN EXISTANCE however  does it comes ..

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Re: Love today does it exist?
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2008, 01:38:32 PM »


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