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Stress on women?s citizenship rights
« on: February 10, 2007, 07:57:00 AM »
KATHMANDU, Feb 10 - As the country awaits constituent assembly polls, it should ensure voting rights of thousands of Nepali women deprived of citizenship due to discriminatory citizenship provisions, said women's rights activists here on Friday.
Speaking at a program on 'Impacts of Discriminatory Citizenship Rights on Women', Sandhya Shrestha of OXFAM said many Badi women, trafficking survivors, and women in polygamous families, among others, will be deprived of right to vote in the constituent assembly polls, if the state fails to do something to ensure their right to citizenship. 

In response to the concerns, Urmila Aryal, Minister of Women, Children and Social Welfare, said the main reason of the 'still existing' discriminatory laws against women is the irresponsible and insensitive attitude of political parties and leaders.

"If they really wanted, all sorts of gender discriminatory provisions would have ended right after the April Movement," she said.   

Under the current citizenship law of the country, a father can transfer his citizenship to his children on the basis of descent while a mother cannot. Similarly, a Nepali man can transfer his Nepali citizenship to his foreign wife but a Nepali woman cannot transfer the same to her foreign husband.

"Who is going to compensate the loss women have to bear due to such biased provisions and how long shall women face such unfair treatment?" questioned Sharada Pokhrel, a women's rights activist.

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