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Maoist leader warns on Nepal poll
« on: February 14, 2007, 06:47:17 AM »
The leader of Nepal's former Maoist rebels has told supporters in Kathmandu that there are forces trying to disrupt elections due to be held in June.

If they succeed, then he insisted that the Maoists should declare Nepal to be a republic.

Prachanda was speaking at a mass rally to mark the 11th anniversary of the start of the Maoist rebellion.

Last November the Maoists signed a peace accord ending their insurgency in which some 13,000 died.

But the Maoists have been complaining at what they say is the slow pace at which the peace accords are being implemented.

The June elections are for a constituent assembly which will decide Nepal's future.


"There are reactionary forces trying to sabotage the elections," Prachanda told a crowd packed into an outdoor theatre. He did not name them.

Maoist supporters in Kathmandu
Tens of thousands of Maoists supporters turned up

Tens of thousands of Maoists supporters were attending the rally which was Prachanda's first such appearance since emerging from his clandestine existence in June.

"If the elections are delayed beyond the deadline, we should straight away declare Nepal a federal democratic republic," the Maoist leader declared.

Under the accords, it will be up to the constituent assembly that will be set up after the June elections to decide if Nepal's monarchy continues.

But Prachanda told his supporters: "No one can stop Nepal from turning into a republic."

King Gyanendra seized absolute power in February, 2005. But he was forced to restore parliamentary democracy last April following sustained street protests.

He has since been stripped of nearly all his powers.

Security was tightened for Prachanda's rally and large vehicles were banned from city roads.

Some schoolgirls told the BBC that Maoist activists had forced them and their classmates to attend the rally.

They expressed anger that they were being kept in the crush inside the rally venue and not allowed to leave.

Kathmandu was plastered with posters of Prachanda (the fierce one), whose real name is Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Prachanda first appeared before the Kathmandu press eight months ago but his life is still a heavily-guarded affair.

UN concern

The Maoists are storing their weapons away under United Nations supervision and the UN monitoring mission says this is proceeding well.

The former rebels now have over 70 nominated MPs.

But our correspondent says the Maoists' democratic credentials are still in doubt.

The UN mission has expressed concern at reports of Maoists violently attacking gatherings of other parties and of them seizing and interfering with lists of voters currently being drawn up.

A businessman in Kathmandu told the BBC that 25 Maoists had forcibly entered his office compound, stuck posters of Prachanda all over the walls and threatened to bomb the building if he removed them.

He said they had issued threats against him for not giving the Maoists money.

Maoist leaders insist that the frequent requests for donations to their party are voluntary.
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Re: Maoist leader warns on Nepal poll
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2007, 07:05:38 AM »
tyo taa vanai matra ho even maa ni theye tyo vasan maa uni haru le j vancha tyo gardaina tyo saab lai taha vayeko nai kura ho ni haina ra


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