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About Love Nepal Network ‘welovenepal.com’

Love Nepal Network (www.welovenepal.com, .ws, .net and .info) is started by group of young Nepali living, working and studying in different part of world to be bridge between Nepal and the world as well as to support our motherland.

The organization is managed by group of students and supported by volunteer Network Engineers, Web Developers, Document Writers. News reporters, Travel guide and Photographers and it is fully dedicated non profit organization that promotes tourism of Nepal.

Love Nepal Network does supports Tourism of Nepal by sending information on Internet, providing man to man counseling to our foreigner friends of our community, school and office who wish to know more about Nepal as well as advertising at community festival and event. We do every possible thing to encourage them to visit Nepal.

We support Life of poor and homeless children of Nepal by introducing them sponsors and finding them second home. Some of our member has already sponsoring few children in Nepal and they are working so hard to provide them better education. Please try to understand if you drop a bottle of beer or pack of cigarette you could save life of a poor kid.

We support NGO, INGO and NPO who are active in Nepal and helping women and children by providing free space for their banner at every possible corner of our sites and sub sites.

Love Nepal Network provideds free 200 MB space with 200 GB Bandwidthweb (we could add ++ space of your need if you are runing the site to promote Nepal and Nepalese community) to host Blog and personal website to encourage young Nepali to active more in Internet industry.

We are very thankful to Nepal Tourism Board, Embassy of Nepal in Japan, Soft Bank Japan, Yahoo Japan, Sherpa Association Japan, Sherpa Association USA, Nepal Japan culture Academy, Nepal Japan Business Association, TBI Group, Nepal Japan Dot Com, Denish liquid Japan, Mr. Bhawan Bhatta, Mr. Dinesh Gurung for their kind and continues support.

Sherpa N. Sonam (CEO)
Love Nepal Network